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Terpopular Julia Robert Come Feel Export-Import Indonesia Retail Growth RI GOOFING 12 World ranking

Bandrek, one typical drink Jabar is ready to face the MEA. Photo: illustration / special BANDUNG - Department of Industry and Trade (Industry and Trade), West Java (Jabar) rate, some industrial products quality of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of a group of fashion, handicrafts, footwear quality and food and beverages are better prepared to face the competition in the era of community ASEAN economies (MEA), which begins later this year. It is seen from the development of the group's product range both in terms of quantity and quality. "The quality quality and quantity of products in group fashion, handicrafts, footwear and food and beverages is growing so better prepare MEA end of this year," said Chief Disperindag Jabar Ferry Sofwan Arief told reporters on Thursday (14/05/2015) , He continued, four groups of small and medium industries (SMI) was very prepared to market their products and compete at the national quality level and among member states MEA. Moreover, with the support of local raw materials are sufficient. "The raw materials of cloth, leather sheets ready though for fashion and footwear. Nor raw materials crafts. Moreover, Jabar also rich crops such as spices as a food ingredient drink has distinctive characteristics compared to other ASEAN countries," he said. Beverage products such as bandrek or bajigur, quality said Ferry, has been very typical Jabar. Local wisdom quality that added a touch of technology in food and beverage products can be an added value. As a concrete step to improve competitiveness, it urged hoteliers to make bandrek as a welcome drink. "We urge the managers of the hotel makes bandrek as a welcome drink. Bandrek very suitable considering the cold weather in Bandung. Typical products like this should we push for more advanced and competitive," he added. Ferry also welcomed the growing emergence of young entrepreneurs with a variety of ideas innovative business. Supported with the support of the Internet network so as to enable quality the marketing not only locally, but also globally. "These young people have business quality ideas are very good. The system was already using the network marketing internet, so the products have been marketed menasional quality even some global level," he said. Meanwhile, the related exhibits superior products Jabar, Ferry explained, quality the exhibition is an effort to map Jabar superior products that will be strengthened and will be able to compete after the entry into force of the MEA. Deni Drimawan quality of EO Kaminari as the organizers said, there will be 40 booths exhibiting superior products typical Jabar. So far, there have been approximately 200 products that qualify for curation. "Besides the exhibition, there is also the socialization of the use of local products quality and the importance of Indonesia National Certificate (SNI) in a product that is sold and circulated in West Java. It is a form of educating the public to prefer local products or who have SNI label. There will also be a campaign and consumer protection consultation, "he said. (Izz) read 865x
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Terpopular Julia Robert Come Feel Export-Import Indonesia Retail Growth RI GOOFING 12 World ranking HSBC Holdings Would Cut Thousands of Employees Inflation in Indonesia Already Have No Clear Pattern Teenagers that Make It Hard to Save Money

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Industry Minister Saleh Husin (right) pictured with the Minister of SMEs Mrs.Sitehmbiso Zimbabwe an

Thursday, May 14, 2015 14:30 PM | 3,856 Views id Forseea, Indonesia cooperation
Industry Minister Saleh Husin (right) pictured with the Minister of SMEs Mrs.Sitehmbiso Zimbabwe and Sudan Industry Minister Mr. Al Siddiq after a breakfast meeting with the delegation of the Forum of Small Medium Enterprises hannover Africa ASEAN (FORSEAA) in Jakarta, (14/5). (
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Industry hannover Minister Saleh Husin an opportunity to continue to enhance cooperation in the sector of Small and Medium Industries (SMI) between Indonesia and the member countries of the Forum of Small Medium Enterprises Africa ASEAN (FORSEAA). "The Indonesian government has made the development of SMEs within a period of time. These efforts have produced a good performance, especially in the last five years," hannover said Minister of Industry at the breakfast meeting with the delegation FORSEAA through a press release on Thursday. Delegates hannover of which the Minister of Industry of the country Laos, Kenya, hannover Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Sudan, and Timor Leste. On the occasion, Minister of Industry, who was accompanied by Director General of IKM Euis Saedah as well as the Director General of Security and Development International Industrial Access Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono, presented the development of national industry performance that grows quite signifkan and still be the main support of the Indonesian economy. "Indonesia is the largest economy and the markets in South East Asia with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 846 billion hannover US dollars and a population of 250 million people. In the future, economic growth seen from the GDP per capita is estimated to have increased four times in 2020, "said Minister of Industry. In 2014, the contribution of SMEs Indonesia amounted to 34.56 percent of the total manufacturing industry. Currently, the number of SMEs reached 3.5 million units have been able to absorb hannover the labor force of 8.4 million people.
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Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - About 1,000 businessmen from 20 countries in the Asia Pacific and Africa

Thursday, May 7th, 2015 23:21 pm | 7762 Views id Indonesian small and medium industries, work from home jobs industrial exports abroad, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - About 1,000 businessmen from 20 countries in the Asia Pacific and Africa asked for a variety of products and commodities of small and medium industry entrepreneurs Indonesia. "Implementing the economic function of the representative of Indonesia (Embassy / Consulate / KRI) will facilitate the request," said the representative of the Directorate General for Asia Pacific and Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry) Dimas Samodra Rum in Yogyakarta on Thursday. At the business meeting entitled "Capturing Market Opportunities Asia Pacific region and Africa", he said they helped provide a list of product demand and desired commodity businessmen from various countries to the Indonesian SME entrepreneurs. "List of products and commodities demand Indonesia from various countries employers have been presented work from home jobs to the entrepreneurs of SMEs in Yogyakarta," he said. In addition, the SME entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to dialogue with officials of foreign missions in Indonesia, along with Indonesian diplomats who will be placed in the RI representatives abroad. "Until now, Indonesia's main exports to the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, among others, furniture, handicrafts, CPO and its derivatives, consumer goods, petroleum derived products, chemicals, garments, yarn fibers, motor vehicles, and marine products," he said. However, he said, these products are still widely exported via a third country due to lack of promotion opportunities as well as market data and the latest information on trade in the Asia Pacific region and Africa. The activity is part of the Foreign Ministry's efforts to "unearth" work from home jobs economic diplomacy which is expected to benefit directly to the entrepreneurs work from home jobs of SMEs, especially in capturing market opportunities in the Asia Pacific and Africa. "The event was a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs of SMEs to be able to play a direct role in boosting Indonesia," he said. According to him, during RI Representatives abroad work from home jobs much sending information requests and commodity products by local entrepreneurs but have not used much of the SME entrepreneurs Indonesia, among others, due to the SME entrepreneurs do not yet know how to proceed. work from home jobs "The event is expected work from home jobs to help encourage and facilitate SME entrepreneurs to act on the request," he said. He said the Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) welcomed the efforts of the Foreign Ministry to reach SME entrepreneurs in selling products and commodities Indonesia abroad. "It is expected that such efforts increasingly frequent and continuous so that the entrepreneurs feel the direct assistance and facilities provided by the Indonesian diplomats abroad," he said.
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IKM Subsea has a history with Solstad dating back to 2009 when we had the first Merlin WR 200 onboa

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The barge will be mobilized in Singapore. IKM Subsea will provide the Merlin WR 200 Workclass ROV together with the required toolings to execute the project which consist of numerous platform installation.
IKM Subsea has a history with Solstad dating back to 2009 when we had the first Merlin WR 200 onboard their vessel in Norway. This was a stepping pan status stone for IKM into the ROV market and we have grown ever since. We are proud to continue our support to Solstad in the Asia Pacific region and hope this would be a successful and long lasting partnership says Mahesh Govindan , IKM Subsea Singapore s General Manager.
Solstad Sees Profit pan status Rise
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Note. Horizon 2020 is the EU Research and Innovation funding programme and is a major opportunity fo

Accueil Expertise-Conseil Etude de câblage sous-marin Analyse des Systèmes d’ancrage Travaux Maritimes Ingénierie R & D Le Navire HF4 Le HF4 pour l hydrolien Le HF4 pour l éolien offshore Vidéos informer du HF4 Logiciel MERMAID Cast L entreprise Nous contacter Recrutement Actualités
May 21, 2014 Mojo Validates Mermaid: An Accurate, informer Informative and Powerful Marine Ops Planning Tool
Mojo Maritime, leading British tidal energy marine operations specialists, and IKM Subsea, Norwegian ROV manufacturer informer and operator, have jointly secured a significant EU Horizon 2020 Grant to support a 1,200,000 R&D project to develop an ROV for use in high energy informer tidal sites, and capable of being operated from Mojo s ground breaking tidal energy vessel, the Hi Flo 4 (HF4).
A significant proportion of overall tidal energy costs are in array installation and, between 2012 and 2014, Mojo Maritime designed and developed the HF4, an offshore construction vessel informer (OCV) capable of lifting the heaviest envisaged tidal turbines and of dynamically positioning in up to 5.0 ms-1 (10 knots) of tidal stream. These operational advantages will feed through into installation benefits, and Mojo s early analysis using Mermaid shows that in medium energy tidal sites HF4 can install tidal arrays in half the time and at a third of the cost of conventional methods. HF4 thus offers the possibility of levilised costs of energy for tidal arrays of 118 per MWH, already below that of many envisaged offshore wind projects, and Mojo is now working with its ship-owning partner, Hammonia Reedeira, to select a yard to build the first-of-class HF4, with an anticipated delivery date target of late 2016.
A next step in reducing tidal energy levilised costs is improving the performance of key installation tools, such as ROVs, which are used not only for turbine and foundation installation, but also for cable touch-down informer monitoring. informer Conventional ROVs are generally informer designed to operate in subsurface currents of up to 1.5 ms-1 but, in Mojo s experience, many struggle above 1.0 ms-1. Conventional ROVs are thus a key operating limitation informer in the design (and cost) of the marine operations for tidal energy installations, where subsurface current speeds informer of 5.0 ms-1, are the norm in high energy tidal sites.
For this reason, Mojo and IKM joined forces in mid-2014 to bid for EU funding, from the Maritime Technologies (MARTEC II) call, to develop informer a HF ROV capable of being operated from the HF4 in high energy tidal sites. Mojo s extensive tidal technology installation background complements IKM s ROV manufacture and operations experience including the design, build and operation of modern WROVs, such as IKM s pictured Merlin WR200, intended to be the most efficient and reliable work class ROV on the market. The two companies target is to develop a basic design for an HF ROV that is capable of then being manufactured according to a schedule that will align with the envisaged informer build schedule for the HF4 ship.
With its genesis in the tidal energy sector, the HF4 vessel is highly optimized and offers cost effective performance in wide range of applications, including offshore wind and oil&gas. It is therefore anticipated that the HF ROV will operate from both HF4 and OCV s in a range of offshore operations and conditions. The companies were awarded the funding at the end of 2014, granted as part of the EU s Marine Technology II Horizon 2020 programme, and administered by InnovateUK in the United Kingdom, and work began in earnest on the project on 5 January 2015 on the HF ROV, and will continue through informer to the end of 2015.
Note. Horizon 2020 is the EU Research and Innovation funding programme and is a major opportunity for British business to grow internationally, build networks informer and develop new relationships with potential customers. The programme has an available budget of 79bn (up to 2020) and the emphasis is on science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges. The UK s innovation agency, Innovate UK, is responsible for providing support and increasing UK business participation in Horizon 2020. It is a key priority for Innovate UK to help businesses access the funding and benefits provided through participation in EU programmes, including offering expert informer advice provided by a group of knowledgeable individuals as part of a National Contact Points (NCPs) scheme. This entry was posted informer in HF4 News , News on February 4, 2015 by admin . Post navigation ← Mojo Secures Best Tidal Industry Collaboration Award at ITES 2014 Successful Installation of Cable Protection measures North Cornwall Coast →
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Home Kabar24 Automotive Industry Financial Market Jakarta Ball Gadget Life & Style Property Sport Traveling Business Newspaper Islamic Business Management Entrepreneurship Business TV Info Photo Inforial Guess the Score Index Data Business, JAKARTA-- Ministry of Industry, an exhibition of products of small and medium industries (IKM) ungulan of Sumatra and Borneo in the Building Industry schedulefly Ministry during the four days of the May 19 to May 21 2015.
Emil Reisend schedulefly Panjaitan, schedulefly Director of Small and Medium Industry DG Region I Kemenperin IKM, said there are 53 SME exhibitors which is built from Perindagkop and Dekranasda Regency / City in Sumatra and Kalimantan.
"Products that are shown as songket schedulefly gadang, songket, border, embroidery, silver, wood crafts as well as food products such as chips Balado and rending," he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/05/2015). According to him, through this exhibition, the product is expected to be known by the SMEs in the community. This is an effort the government to open and expand schedulefly markets for national SME actors. Euis Saedah, Director General of IKM Ministry of Industry, said the increase in the quality of production of SMEs should be improved. Given, schedulefly facing Asean free market that began in January 2016 various foreign products will be a competitor of local products. Therefore, the craftsmen are required to continue to explore and develop a culture in enhancing the uniqueness of the local culture karha owned.
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Det norske oljeselskap ASA has received consent for exploration drilling using the Mærsk Giant mobil

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Hans Fjellanger , Business Development Manager at IKM Subsea, says: “This is an important contract for IKM Subsea, to be able to win this in a very competitive marked is a big achievement for us. We are extremely happy with the trust Norske Shell has shown us and look forward to work with the Subsea team in Kristiansund, for subsea related activities on the Ormen Lange field, the Draugen field and also other relevant projects.”
Ben Pollard , Managing Director at IKM Subsea, added: “Being able to grow as a company despite the tough market situation is important for us. Delivering IMR engineering and ROV services to Norske Shell will give us the ability to grow according to our business plans both in terms of knowledge, service spectre and company size.”
Shell Gets Nod for Ormen Lange Drilling
The course is delivered by distance learning so it does not disrupt your work or home life, and is an invaluable introduction to this vital… read more >
Det norske oljeselskap ASA has received consent for exploration drilling using the Mærsk Giant mobile advertising drilling ... June 6, 2014 read more →